Quietcove: A History With A Future!

Quietcove Farm has had a long, distinguished history breeding and developing great cow families in Western Ohio. Roger and Ethel Elsass created the Quietcove prefix in 1940. Their three sons, Marvin, Loren and Lynn, continued growing the herd and moved it to the present farm in Wapakoneta in 1968. After service in Vietnam, Loren returned to the farm and placed a greater focus on registered Holsteins. Quietcove Matt Judy resulted from the breeding program. As the first cow ever exhibited at the Ohio State Fair by Quietcove, she won the National Holstein Futurity and Grand Champion in 1972. Since that day, Quietcove has been a regular contender at local, state and national shows; exhibiting the Grand Champion at the Ohio State Fair 4 times, the National Holstein Futurity 7 times, and exhibiting many All American nominees.

Our favorite family is that of our most well known cow, Quietcove Valiant Fawn EX-95. Fawn (Pictured Above), born and bred at Quietcove in 1983, made her tanbark debut at Louisville in 1985 as an August 29th born Jr. 2 Yr old where she won her class. She followed that up the following year by winning the National Holstein Futurity and Grand Champion at the 1986 Ohio State Fair. Fawn won Grand Champion for the first of three consecutive years at the Ohio Spring Show in 1987. She would ultimately go undefeated in 1987 winning the 4 yr old class at the Eastern National in Harrisburg to cap off her year. Loren Elsass had the distinct pleasure of judging the World Dairy Expo. in Madison, WI that year, so Fawn was not able to compete. She ultimately won reserve All American 4 Yr old that year. Fawn's tanbark resume would eventually include All Ohio honors an unprecedented 6 consecutive times (1986-1992), and two All American nominations.

Fawn's true impact on Quietcove, and the Holstein breed, is reflected by her remarkable ability to transmit her show ring and genetic excellence. To date, Fawn has had 6 All American nominated descendents. Much of the present day herd descends from the Fawn family.

Loren's oldest son, Jeremy, began managing the herd in the mid 1990's, with Loren working full time for COBA Select Sires. Jeremy continued the Quietcove breeding philosophy of strong, dairy frames with productive, show ring udders. Tragically, the beautiful 80 cow tie stall barn erupted in flames in September of 2000. Fortunately, none of the cows were harmed, but the barn was completely lost. After a long and difficult deliberation, the decision was made to sell the cows and discontinue milk production at Quietcove. Before selling the entire herd, Loren, Jeremy and Jonathon, along with Philip Schlenker of Wapa Farms in Wapakoneta, OH, purchased the nucleus of the Quietcove herd. Jeremy took the cows and milked in Northern Ohio for a short time, and then in central Wisconsin from 2002-2005. All the while, Jeremy envisioned a return to the home farm in Ohio, and, after getting married in May 2005, came back to Quietcove that summer to milk again.

In order to facilitate the return to Quietcove, Tim Curran and Tom Mauric renovated the old parlor into a more modern milking center. Marvin Elsass, Lynn Elsass and Tom Mauric all play active roles in daily herd management. Quietcove-W is pleased to be working in conjunction with John and Michelle Koster of Comanche, Texas in a joint venture in Wapakoneta. Long-time friend and business partner Tim Curran is now a managing partner of the syndicate.

The acquisition of Blue Gene Durham Dooley in 2005 was in many ways the launching point of the new venture, and the return to Quietcove. Dooley was Reserve All American Sr. 3 Year Old in 2006 and has blessed the herd with several daughters that mimic her overall dairy refinement. The descendants of Valiant Fawn are also well represented in the current herd, led by Quietcove-W Gold Fleur- the Reserve Grand Champion female at the 2010 Ohio State Fair.

From a facilities perspective, 2010 was an exciting year. Quietcove lacked the appropriate facilities to care for great cows the way Jeremy knew best- the way things had been done for 32 years at Quietcove until the fire in 2000. In 2010, construction was completed on a brand new, modern free stall facility, allowing the group to milk more cows in an efficient manner. In conjunction with the free stall barn, a 30 cow tie stall and box stall facility was completed as well- allowing the best of the best to be cared for in a way reminiscent of the Quietcove of old. It is really the best of both worlds, allowing great cows to be showcased and developed to their potential, while milking the rest of the herd in a modern, labor efficient manner.

Others have noticed the facility, and the talented crew caring for the animals, and are boarding their finest cows, of all breeds, at Quietcove. Our objectives are to breed, develop, and care for the very best of all breeds. We aim for the Quietcove prefix to be well represented at state and national shows. Quite simply, for Quietcove to be,"The Place to Be".


-Jonathon Elsass